• How Much Will It Cost?

  • When it comes to talking about cost for building a website, it’s a difficult one. In my experience, most people’s budget is 2-3 times smaller than their desires or expectations. And there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to pricing building a website. For example:

    • How many hours will it take to build the website?

    • How much content needs to be created, and what images/videos are required?

    • Do we need a logo designing?

    • How complex is the website – is it a simple 5-page “brochure” website, a blog, a full business website or an e-commerce website with PayPal integration and/or a shopping cart?

    • Is there domain name registration and hosting to factor in?

    • Is social media integration required (e.g. Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn)

    • Do we need search engine optimisation, google keywords, etc.?

    • And what about ongoing maintenance, updates, new content, etc.?

    And you really have two choices, go with an agency or a small company/freelancer like PansHouse. If you choose to engage an agency, the risk of them disappearing is generally a little lower, but they probably move a little slower too. And you’ll often have to deal with changing contacts as the project progresses (from sales to design to development to maintenance). And an agency will be more expensive too.

    If you work with a PansHouse we’ll probably be more responsive and won’t be juggling as many projects at once. You also have the benefit of working with (typically) one person that knows everything about your project, and you don’t feel like you’re constantly getting bounced around contacts like can happen in some agencies.

    Smaller design companies like PansHouse are great if your job fits the following criteria:

    • The job is small enough for one person to handle the entire thing (note, most projects fit this category)

    • The timeline is tight, and you want to start quickly

    • Communication channels don’t have to be too formal

    • Big contractor agreements don’t have to be signed and the contractor doesn’t need insurance or other common big-business requirements

    So, in short, there’s no simple answer to pricing a website, but you can be sure that PansHouse will give you a competitive quote, you will receive excellent service, and we will be responsive to your needs. To give you some idea, the following is a typical (hypothetical) example of a micro-business setting up a small online e-commerce website:

    Dani makes Jewellery that she wishes to sell online. She wants a simple 5 page site with a contact form and a location map. She needs a logo and photographs taken of her products.

    • 5 Page Site Cost = £450

    • Theme Cost = £80

    • Logo Cost = £55

    • 20 Photographs with digital enhancement = £50

    • Domain Name & Hosting costs = £75

    • Additional Development of a Basic Online Shop with Paypal Integration = £450


    Total Cost for New Site = £1160


    3 Months later Dani has told all her friends and contacts about the site and word of mouth has spread and she is starting to see some nice sales increases. Her revenues have gone up by £750 per month. She decides that she wants the reach of her site to go further. PansHouse offers to Search Engine Optimise the site and supply a Kickstarter Social Media Marketing Campaign with 2hrs a month of Digital Marketing work. She also feels that the management of her mailing list and site back-ups could be better managed elsewhere and opts for the PansHouse maintenance option with an hour per month of mailing list management.

    • Starter SEO Package = £150
    • Kickstarter Social Media Package = £175 + £50 per month
    • Maintenance package + 1 hr Mailing List Management = £50 per month

    Total Cost of Increasing Site's Reach and Exposure = £325 + £100 per month

    Let's now take this example to the extreme to show you the possibilities of what a successful, quality, well made product that is successfully marketed can achieve.

    After as little as 3 Months Dani has over 500 new likes on her Facebook page, hundreds of followers on Twitter and Instagram and contacts on LinkedIn asking her if she can supply bespoke Jewellery. A number of online blogs have picked up on her work and her mailing list is swelling by the day. Demand is outstripping supply and the value of Dani's work is increasing exponentially. As part of the marketing plan PansHouse help Dani to create a Youtube channel to showcase her work. She creates a  video that is quirky and well received. Dani is connected on Instagram & Twitter to her favourite fashion icons. One of them sees her Video and Re-Tweets it to her 1.5 million followers. Dani's business has gone viral! Dani now has enough orders to warrant opening a new premises and employing staff.

    From Micro-Business to successful online retailer in under a year. The internet is full of these stories like Dani's. Is it time you made the move to start to use the internet to really show the world the quality of your product or service?

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