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Paul Leppard

Having been asked to put together an example of my code, I have reappropriated an app I created last year for a global finacial services company. It was used as a companion to a week long training course. I've changed the theme (a bit).

I have been a web developer for the last 6 years, firstly building Wordpress sites for small businesses, then moving onto corporate portal design. It was in this role that I was asked to take over from the existing Angular developer where I headlong jumped into Angular and its steep learning curve. A year later I emerged and am now a front-end web engineer utilising Angular.

This app exists to showcase my code but please be aware at this time it has been thrown together quite quickly and may have a few little rough edges.


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Learning Styles


A quiz designed to work out how you encode the world with your senses.

Using vanilla JavaScript to create the drag and drop re-ordering

Also Using HTML5 canvas to draw the graph.

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Paul Leppard

Front End Developer

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Storm Trooper Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels